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Viwa Speiseol. top cooking oil supplier in Europe!

We supply refined and crude vegetable oil, seed oils like; sunflower seed oil, refined soybean oil, Refined corn oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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That’s where Viwa Edible Oil Sales Company comes in

We are thee cooking oil wholesale suppliers par excellence, supplying high-quality, health-conscious, and delectable oils to complete your kitchen repertoire.

Established with an unyielding commitment to quality, Viwa Edible Oil Sales Company is your go-to destination for top-notch edible oils. We’re here to unburden your cooking woes and elevate your meals to the next level of flavor, health, and satisfaction.

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Reliable Partner In Wholesale Supply

As a wholesale supplier, Viwa Edible Oil Sales Company has been fostering deep relationships with businesses nationwide. Be it restaurants, foodservice providers, or retail stores, we cater to a wide spectrum of industries with a relentless commitment to prompt and efficient delivery.

We’re not just about providing amazing oils; we’re equally dedicated to doing it sustainably. We understand the importance of preserving the environment and employ eco-friendly practices throughout our operations. Sustainable sourcing, minimal waste production, and using renewable resources are at the core of our sustainability efforts. Please make sure you get our recent quotation before placing your order. Contact us at inquiry@viwa-speiseol.de


Every drop of our oil echoes our commitment to quality and health. Viwa was born out of a profound love for wholesome food and a dream to make high-quality oils accessible to all. Fueled by tenacity and an unwavering commitment to our customers, Viwa has grown into a leading name in the realm of edible oil wholesale supply. Our journey is one of consistent growth and ever-evolving quality standards.

While cooking oil might not be the star of your meal, it’s the invisible hand that creates magic in your dishes. At Viwa, we believe in delivering taste and health in every drop. We supply a wide range of oils like sunflower oilolive oil, peanut oil, and more, for the diverse needs of your kitchen. Crafted under the highest quality controls and sourced from the finest raw materials, Viwa oils are a blend of purity, flavor, and health.

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The main attraction towards buying edible oils online, perhaps, is the unbeatable factory prices that tag along. The absence of middlemen truly works in favor of customers, as the oils come directly from the production unit to your doorstep. This ensures that you get the fairest prices possible for these essential commodities.

An added advantage is the opportunity to buy in bulk. This means large quantities of sunflower, corn, and soybean oil can be bought at a fraction of the cost – a real bargain for those who run commercial kitchens or have large households.

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However, with Viwa Speiseol, order bulk cooking oil wholesalers. Furthermore, Sunflower oil wholesale distributors and bulk refined sun flower seed oil suppliers in Australia. Online buying facilitates selection from a variety of high-quality oils, known for their vast health benefits. You can purchase sunflower oil—a treasure trove of nutrients such as vitamin E, A, and K—to give your food an upgrade. For nutritious and versatile cooking oil, corn oil is an optimal choice, and of course, the heart-health-boosting soybean oil, which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil wholesalers suppliers from Turkey. Our virgin oil is available in traditional commerce, much less is available in the main distribution for the sale of high-quality product we turn directly to a consumer demanding and attentive to the quality of life he has chosen as a rule, in addition to pleasure, quality and authenticity of the product, Healthy prevention and wellness. Moreover, CHO America guarantees that all lots of organic extra virgin olive oil produced meet the product specifications. Therefore, Olive oil bottles wholesalers. Olive oil favors wholesale in the seasons. Olive oil packets wholesale distributors.


Crude corn oil is not just healthier but also enhances the taste of your food. If you are looking for a dependable platform where you can buy crude corn oil at wholesale price, then Viwa Speiseol is certainly a store to stop by. Extracted from the high-quality maize, the pure corn oil is finely produced that brings you amazing health benefits. Ideal for reducing LDL cholesterol, corn oil has become a prime choice for all individuals. We aim at catering to the diverse demand of our customers and this is why we bring you an extensive collection of edible oils. What is corn oil price 15kg online form factory. Sunflower oil wholesalers


soybean oil contain a lot of Linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid with important Physiological functions. Younger people lack Linoleic acid, skin becomes dry, scale thickening, growth retardation.

Thus, Soybean oil is the natural inexpensive oil extracted from whole soybeans. It is the most widely used oil in the World, and is sold as either pure soybean oil or as a main ingredient in vegetable oil. Processed into margarine and shortenings, soybean oil’s 85 percent unsaturated fat profile is among the highest of the vegetable oils. Moreover, Soybean oil contains 61% Polyunsaturated fat and 24% Monounsaturated fat. However, Saturated fats in the diet can raise blood Cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease. So Healthcare professionals recommend replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats as much as possible.

Edible Cooking Oil For Industrial And Home


Viwa speiseol is a leading Export & Import company for Foodstuff. Olive Oils, Crude & Refined Sunflower, Corn, Soybean, Canola Oils, Cottonseed oil wholesale supplier. 

Packaging And Labelling

Packaging and Labelling Imagine your brand and logo on the best Quality edible Oils. Essential oil, Industrial oil products at a discount of 50% or more off the bulk price. Viwa speiseol oil wholesale provides private labels using the purest and most natural oils available. Most of our private label we provide to our customers are located in the Turkey, but worldwide shipping is available. We ship to your location or warehouse or shipper. Edible oil Wholesale Supplier.


Customers that we’ve tested had quite a lot of positive feedback.

TRANSPERENT PET Bottles; 1Liters; 2 Liters; 3 Liters; 4 Liters and 5 Liters
PET Transparent Bottle; With Handle
JERRYCANS; 5 Liters ; 10 Liters; 20 Liters; 25 Liters and 220 Liters Jerry can
METAL TIN;  14 kg.; 15 kg.; 16 kg ; 17 kg; 18 kg; 20L Metal Tin with Bung Hole and 211 Liters Metal Drum;
FLEXI TANK; 20 MT Flexi Tank;
Delivery Detail; Within one month after receiving the down payment

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Best customers service. The quality is unbelievable.

Karolina Galda
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5 Sterne, weil sie wirklich genau sind.
Ich gebe zu, dass ich von der Mindestbestellmenge sehr enttäuscht war.

Lou Werner
Vegetable Cooking Oil

Quality excellent. Shipping on time. Thanks

Ugi Veken
Vegetable Cooking Oil

Very pleased with it.

Toni Lowrey
Refined Corn Oil

Great service all round will buy again

Frankz Mekins
Refined Corn Oil
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