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Queuing up the pots and pans for yet another home-cooked meal? Before you get cooking, have you considered the oil you’re using? The quality of your cooking oil can make or break your meal. That’s where Viwa Edible Oil Sales Company comes in. We are thee cooking oil wholesale suppliers par excellence, supplying high-quality, health-conscious, and delectable oils to complete your kitchen repertoire.

Established with an unyielding commitment to quality, Viwa Edible Oil Sales Company is your go-to destination for top-notch edible oils. We’re here to unburden your cooking woes and elevate your meals to the next level of flavor, health, and satisfaction.

About Us: Viwa Edible Oil Sales Company

Every drop of our oil echoes our commitment to quality and health. Viwa was born out of a profound love for wholesome food and a dream to make high-quality oils accessible to all. Fueled by tenacity and an unwavering commitment to our customers, Viwa has grown into a leading name in the realm of edible oil wholesale supply. Our journey is one of consistent growth and ever-evolving quality standards.

Quality You Can Taste

While cooking oil might not be the star of your meal, it’s the invisible hand that creates magic in your dishes. At Viwa, we believe in delivering taste and health in every drop. We supply a wide range of oils like sunflower oil, olive oil, peanut oil, and more, for the diverse needs of your kitchen. Crafted under the highest quality controls and sourced from the finest raw materials, Viwa oils are a blend of purity, flavor, and health.

Bound by Values, Driven by Passion

Ethics, transparency, and customer satisfaction are at the heart of Viwa’s operations. These aren’t just words to us, but principles we uphold in every step of our process. From sourcing the healthiest raw materials to utilizing state-of-the-art technology for refining and bottling, we ensure that only the best reaches your kitchen.

Reliable Partner in Wholesale Supply

As a wholesale supplier, Viwa Edible Oil Sales Company has been fostering deep relationships with businesses nationwide. Be it restaurants, foodservice providers, or retail stores, we cater to a wide spectrum of industries with a relentless commitment to prompt and efficient delivery.

Sustainability at the Core

We’re not just about providing amazing oils; we’re equally dedicated to doing it sustainably. We understand the importance of preserving the environment and employ eco-friendly practices throughout our operations. Sustainable sourcing, minimal waste production, and using renewable resources are at the core of our sustainability efforts.

Rely on Viwa, Your Trusted Companion in the Kitchen

Your culinary endeavors deserve the best, and at Viwa Edible Oil Sales Company, our mission is to supply it. Catering to diverse culinary needs, we strive to be your trusted companion in the kitchen, enhancing your meals’ taste and health quotient.

So the next time you’re about to whip up a gastronomic delight, remember us. Choose Viwa, your reliable partner for top-quality edible oils, to take your dishes from good to great.

Explore our range today, experience the Viwa difference, and keep your pots brimming with good health and unparalleled taste.

Viwa Speiseoil a leading Export & Import company

About us, Viwa Speiseoil a leading Export & Import company for oil for industrial and home usage. Today has a well-earned reputation as a leading supplier of high-quality pure essential oils and diffuser products. The growth and development of the global operation resulted in the establishment of wholly-owned facilities (production, warehousing and sales) in the Germany and South East Asia.

They are known for their friendly approach to doing business and their commitment to reliability. More so, we have expertise in the subject matter for providing quality ingredients. However, the fundamental ethical values on which the Company’s foundations were built still guide the business today.

This ethical approach to operations means that products are purchased and sold with honesty and integrity. The primary objective is to offer our clients:

Best Quality Cooking Oil for Sale

  • Exceptional service
    High quality products
  • Great value for the price in the market
  • From our growers, manufacturers to clients large and small, every relationship is special and of the utmost importance to us. We strive to make sure you feel that way every time you deal with us.
  • Finally, We truly believe that “It’s what’s inside that counts”, so, inside every bottle, you will find products that we are proud of. Every item in our range meets our rigorous selection criteria and quality control standards.

Our Products

Firstly, Simplicity is our primary standard of choice for anything to remember for our oil line. Therefore, We demand this from our suppliers, just as you demand it from us as your supplier. We can back up our label claims with proven supply chain evidence and our quality management systems allow us to provide full traceability for every batch and every ingredient in Viwa Speiseol.

Moreover, We also understand the importance of knowing the origins, extraction methods, technical data, and regulatory information for all our products for business to business.

Our supply chain

Thus, Our suppliers are the backbone of our business. The exclusive distribution agreements we now have with many of our key suppliers mean that we can share more great stories from around the world about them and their products. About us Viwa Speiseol high quality edible oil wholesale supplier.

About Us – Viwa Speiseol Cooking Oil Wholesalers

Our customers, large and small, have one thing in common, they all love edible oils. However, Cosmetic manufacturers, formulators and brand owners love essential oils as they put the finishing touch on a new product development brief. Therefore, Helping to produce that cleansing or personal care product with a scent that captivates.

Personal use customers love essential oils as they are so versatile at home and in the workplace. They can help create a mood at home, freshen up the bathroom, help with alertness in the boardroom, provide mental clarity at exam time, induce peace of mind at bedtime, or be the finishing touch.

About our Supplying Team

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