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Customer Services – Horus Oil wholesale Supplier from Mugla Turkey.

Dry mass transportation

HORUS OIL is one of the world’s driving suppliers of dry mass transportation. Our dry armada of in excess of 600 vessels contains Cape. Also, we have vessels with Panamax, Kamsarmax, Supramax, Handy and Coaster vessels that exchange between just about 1,000 ports.

Every year, we oversee in excess of 1,500 journeys. Our accomplished in-house tasks group guarantees the protected conveyance of a wide scope of our company. We supply and Export corn oil, soybeans remove, sugar, medicinal oil and seriously coming.

We exchange cargo subordinates to alleviate cost risk for shipowners and charterers.

Item big hauler delivering

We likewise have a Tanker group of exchanging and tasks experts committed to delivery “clean” fluid items. However, these items including LNG/LPG, palatable oils, acidic pop, manures and biodiesels. Horus oil doesn’t convey any “filthy” oil based goods, specifically unrefined oils or leftover powers. Notwithstanding Right Ship reviewing, Horus Oil runs an in-house big hauler screening strategy to guarantee the most noteworthy functional norms.

Similarly as with our dry mass transportation administration. We offer complete cargo arrangements utilizing FFA subsidiaries markets to limit your wet freight cargo risk.

Our time-contracted armada has developed extensively and as of now involves 20-25 MRs and 3-5 LR2s. In the MR section, we collaborate with Maersk Tankers in a joint MR pool.


The greater the boat, the better the economies and efficiencies of scale. A bigger vessel lessens both the expense of moving your freight and the GHG discharges created per conveyed ton of freight (25 to 30 percent decrease in emanations). That is the reason Cargill works an allocating on a significant number of our courses.

By consolidating cargoes from different clients on bigger vessels we can diminish your expenses and outflows. The calculated intricacy might be higher for journeys with various burden and release ports, however the monetary and ecological advantages surely make it beneficial.

Green answers for lessen CO2 emanations from your inventory network
Dividing an extraordinary method for bringing down your CO2 emanations, however we can propose numerous different arrangements. We comprehend the difficulties you face to make your production network more practical and can work with you to give customized plans. For instance, we can examine the feasibility of utilizing new green fills or advances, for example, wind impetus to move your cargoes.

We can likewise give data on your transportation carbon impression and work on an advancement plan together. Our Customer Services are ready to get all your shipment to final destination port safely.

Customer Services - Horus Oil wholesale Supplier from Mugla Turkey.
Horus Oil

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