Edible oil Bulk Loading in Flexitank 20ft and 40ft

Edible oil Bulk Loading in Flexitank 20ft and 40ft

Edible oil bulk sales from Horus oil. Edible oils are extracted from vegetables and certain animal tissues. we provide flexitanks. They have already being used all around the world for these types of shipments. Our cutting edge technology and experience allow us to provide a safer experience for all of your shipments.

The global edible oil market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.57%. Thus, to attain a market value of USD 120 billion by the end of 2025. The robust demand for organic health-based products has driven global cooking oil market high. Also, with increased consumption of high-quality edible oils/cooking oils by health-conscious consumers. Hence, the growing demand from the various applications, such as confectionery, primarily in the production of candies.

Flexitank 20ft and 40ft Container Packaging

Depending on climate and time of year, many types of edible oils require heating for discharge when they reach their destinations. Buyers of edible oils know all too well how difficult it can be to reheat liquids during the discharge process. Our years of research and development solved the heating/discharging problem by lowering the heating duration down from weeks to hours. We have such a solution with a capacity of 27,000lt / 24 ton per 20’container. So, making our flexitanks the highest capacity and fastest heating in the world.

Edible oil Bulk Sales

We can help you ship edible oils, including sunflower oil, olive oil and linseed cooking oil. More so, we also export soybean oil, canola oil, cotton seed oil. We distributed as client demands Nuts, edible, safflower, coconut, groundnut, peanut, rapeseed, corn, avocado and more.

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