Margarine Manufacturers in Indonesia

General purpose Margarine (premium butter flavor) that is good for bakery, cooking and spread.

Specially formulated and texturized to produce soft, smooth, yellowish creamy texture and good plasticity

Home to a thriving industry, Indonesian margarine manufacturers stand out with their commitment to excellence, quality, and sustainability.

Imagine the richness of flavors, the gleaming golden spreads, crafted meticulously from the finest local ingredients.

Here, age-old recipes intertwine with cutting-edge technology, resulting in margarine that’s not just a product, but a testament to Indonesian craftsmanship.

Vegetable Oil from Indonesia

Whether you’re an avid baker seeking the perfect butter substitute or a culinary enthusiast eager to explore new horizons, Indonesian margarine offers unparalleled versatility.

It brings a creamy, smooth texture to every dish, elevating your everyday meals and gourmet creations alike.

In choosing margarine from Indonesia, you’re not just opting for incredible taste and quality; you’re embracing a product born from the dedication and ethical practices of its makers.


Contribute taste and richness to the baking and cooking. These manufacturers prioritize sustainability, ensuring that every step from farm to table is environmentally conscious and socially responsible.

Margarine contains premium emulsifier which improves volume and softness of the cakes (Incorporate significant of air when beating with sugar)

Excellent crumb structure, increases taste and give pleasant mouth feel.

Trans-Fat Free & GMO Free & Cholesterol Free

Non-dairy product that is vegetarian friendly. margarine manufacturers in indonesia

Industrial Certification

100% made in Malaysia, HACCP, GMP and MESTI certified by Malayia’s MOH with Halal Jakim. ISO Certified by Intertek.

Halal Certificate, MesTi Certificate, ISO Certificate, HACCP Certificate, GMP Certificate