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Edible Cooking Oil – Different types

Edible cooking oil has been consumed by humanity for long years ago. Oils are vital ingredients used for culinary or cooking purposes. There are numerous verities of edible vegetable oils found in nature which are highly applicable in food processing and purposes. Oils and their fat types are health friendly and beneficial in many aspects. Oils are their fat concentrations […]

Grape seed vegetable oil : benefits and uses in natural cosmetics and beslenme

Grape seed vegetable oil: benefits and uses in natural cosmetics and beslenme

Horus oil Wholesaler is a leading supplier and manufacturer of vegetable oils and fats for the Food, Pharmaceutical industry including Cosmetics. More so, with product range consists of a huge selection of valuable cold-pressed and refined oils and fats in conventional and certified organic quality. However, Grape seed vegetable oil. Naturally rich in Antioxidant compounds (Polyphenols, Procyanidin, and tannins), grape […]